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Institute for Process and Particle Engineering

Research group: Process Evaluation


The research group "Process Evaluation" led by Prof. Michael Narodoslawsky deals inter alia with:

  • the optimization of technology networks for regions in respect of available renewable resources by applying the tool Process Network Synthesis (PNS),
  • energy planning,
  • ecological evaluations and the development of different footprint calculators. The methodology for the ecological evaluation is the so called Sustainable Process Index (SPI), part of the footprint familiy, based on lifecycle analysis,
  • work in the field of Local Agenda 21 to implement sustainable solutions in regions and municipalities.


The aim of all these working fields is to establish awareness and the debate on related changes of environmentally friendly processes, products and structures.


Ongoing and completed projects in recent years:

  • ELAS - Energetic Long Term Analysis of Settlement Structures *
  • PlanVision – Visions for an energy optimized spatial Planning *
  • INKOBA – Feasibility of sustainable energy systems in INKOBA-parks*
  • Syn-Energy - Economic and Ecological Potential Assessment for Biogas Production Based on Intercrops
  • Stadtagenda - Werkzeuge, Maßnahmen, Vorgehensweisen, Beispiele und Tipps für die Lokale Agenda 21 in Klein- und Mittelstädten
  • Mühlviertler Ressourcenplan - Entwicklung eines regional angepassten Ressourcenplanes für die Bezirke Freistadt, Perg, Rohrbach und Urfahr-Umgebung
  • H2FC-LCA - Guidance Manual for LCA application to Fuel cells and Hydrogen technologies
  • Triple E - Erneuerbare Energie und Ethik
  • Integrale E+ - Integration alternativer Energieanlagen in der österreichischen Kulturlandschaft
  • ANIMPOL - Biotechnological Conversion of Carbon Containing Wastes for Eco-Efficient Production of High-Value Products
  • iEnergy Weiz-Gleisdorf: Citizens supported by an interdisciplinary stakeholder process implement intelligence to upgrade their smart urban region Weiz-Gleisdorf
  • Syn-Energy II - Synergetische Biogaserzeugung aus Zwischenfrüchten und nachhaltigen Fruchtfolgesystemen
  • LYONESS – Klimaschutzstrategie
  • M2Lab - Multi-Meter Lab: Optimierung des CO2 Fußabdrucks durch soziales Feedback
  • iENERGY Weiz-Gleisdorf 2.0

* Research projects funded by the Klima- und Energiefonds within the framework of the program „NEUE ENERGIEN 2020“.

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